This page is dedicated to Alberta Turner pictured here. She was my adopted mother, best friend, and supporter for 20 years. She was also the lady responsible for my teaching at Dollarhide Community Center in California. She is now gone but will never be forgotten. 
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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting the site. To those who attended my past millinery classes and workshops it was my pleasure being able to share the Art of Millinery with you. To those wishing to attend future millinery classes; after much thought I have decided to take a break from the workshops. I will be concentrating on other millinery projects such as speeding up deliver time for buckram orders, offering a line of fosshape hat frames and investing more time in my e-commerce Hats of Distinction hat site.  As always you may e-mail or call if you feel I can be of assistance on your millinery projects. Perhaps in the not to distant future I will offer new hat making workshops. In the meantime feel free to continue browsing the site and much success in all your hat making endeavors. 

To those who have sent numerous e-mail request, I am honored you are interested in my workshops and would love to visit each city. However doing so would not be time or cost effective because occasionally requests are not followed up with registrations fees. Some of the workshops even though small were completed and often in cities I wished to visit, acquaintances were known, or relationships with those requesting workshops had been established. To those whose cities have not yet been visited I will keep all your requests in mind for the future. Once again, thank you all for your e-mails support, and I look forward to seeing you in the near future. In the meantime HAPPY HAT MAKING.