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Today is June 21, 2017. This is an update to inform you I am offering a limited number of hat making classes in Memphis June, July and August 2017. If you are interested in bridal parties, redesigning hats, creating fascinators, women activities, or are a member of a sewing group you are invited to join me. Do you own hats that are too large or small and want to make them fit. If you have been looking for different types of group activities or simply love hats you too are also invited. Join me Sunday afternoons 2-7:00 PM at the EpiCenter in the Cooper Young area.  For more information e-mail me using the link below.

Return Policy of Hats of Distinction by Kay's Art of Millinery 
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All hats at Kay’s Hat of Distinction and Kay’s Art of Millinery are one of a kind designs, and usually only one is created in that fabric and style. Once that hat is sold it is no longer available to other potential buyers. Therefor we will make every effort to ensure the item you order is to your complete satisfaction to avoid returns.

Since some browsers colors show differently, those having concerns will be mailed swatches of the fabric used on covered hats. We will also verify as best possible your correct head size.  (Use non stretch tape measure and measure the area where a hat would sit on your head. Approximately 2' above the eyes and center back of the head. 

If after receiving your order you are dissatisfied, you must return the unworn item within SEVEN (7} days. When we receive the item your funds will be returned through PayPal minus 10% relisting and shipping and handling fees.

When an order is received, most will be shipped within two business days through US postal priority service. However custom orders may take as little as one week and as much as two weeks from time order is placed and delivery time.

  Thank you for visiting Kay’s Hats of Distinction and we look forward to your business. If you have other questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me.