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The fees and workshop descriptions apply to each location unless otherwise noted. Click the highlighted day of the week for the workshop you wish to attend and you will be taken to the payment options page. There you will find "Add to Cart" buttons with arrows. The first dropdown menus gives you the option of choosing 1-10 participants for the Monday workshops. The
second dropdown gives the option of choosing morning or afternoon. (If you are registering more than one person you must change the quantity and update it on your shopping cart to get total registration fee.)

The third dropdown (items 1-4) gives you the option of paying the full registration fee for Tuesday through Sunday workshops. The fees below them are for those wishing to pay half for Tuesday through Sunday.  If you are choosing more than one workshop you must click the continue shopping button on your shopping cart to select and add more. When you checkout you will be able to enter information about the location you wish to attend in the "instructions to merchant" section. If you still have questions call 318 792-5757 or e-mail me. There is a contact us link at the bottom of each page.

Mondays-Two 4-hour Hat Design/ Redesign Workshops  $75.00
This workshop is open to those wishing to change hats they bring to workshops. Participants may use new blocked hats, or untrimmed previously blocked felt, straws, or covered hats, all embellishments including glue must be removed. During this workshop, attendees may each bring two hats. They will re-design their hats and create embellishments using items they bring from home such as fabric, pendants, jewelry, etc. Other embellishments will also be for sale during each workshop. 

Tuesdays One 8-hour Trim and Embellishment workshop $150.00
During this workshop, participants will learn techniques for creating various sample embellishments, they will use horsehair, buckram, leaves, millinery wire, yardage goods, and other materials furnished in the registration fee. 

Wednesdays One 8-hour Creative Covering workshop $150.00
Participants will learn techniques for using lace, feathers, flowers, and other materials they bring to the workshop. They also have the option of covering frames with fabric using one or more technique of draping, stripping, puffing, or layering. Each participant will custom designed a one-of-a-kind hat they created using their supplies, and one buckram frame of their choice, lining, and grosgrain included in the registration fee.  

Thursdays One 8-hour Hat-Blocking Workshop    $125.00
During this workshop participants will hand-block, wire and embellish felts and straws bodies, and sinamay they bring to the workshop. They will be instructed on blocking, embellishing, and completing the projects, and I will provide a combination of 50 traditional and fascinator hat blocks for their use.  

Fri, Sat, & Sundays 24-hours of Covering and Frame-Making Workshops.  $400.00
The new frame making and covering workshops now consists of three 8-hour days to allow completion of more projects. Buckram frames will still be included, but frame making will be done on the first day.  
(A) Frame-Making-Day 1 Participants will hand block, wire, and complete as many buckram hats shapes as time permits using wooden hat blocks and other materials included in the registration fee.
(B) Covering- Day 2 Participants will learn techniques for covering a round crown pillbox, and brim of their choice. After covering the outer portion of the basic frames, they may cover as many frames as time permits, or start the embellishment and lining process.
(C) Covering- Day 3 Participants will add embellishments, line, and complete all buckram frames.
(The 3-day frame making and covering workshop is considered ONE workshop because it entails more work and time than the other workshops. If you choose to add additional workshops, keep in mind you must register for the days as they are listed. There will be no deduction in registration fee if you do not attend all three days. 

Contact Us
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           Contact # 318 792-5757
Please do not enter personal information such as home addresses or telephone numbers in the guest book. This information is seen by anyone visiting the site. If you wish me to have this information click the “contact us links which come directly to me.

Nashville, Tennessee 
Monday August 12-16, 2014 
@3431 Percy Priest Dr.
Nashville TN, 37214
The Nashville workshop will start on Tuesday and end Saturday. The three  ebellishing workshops will be held on Tuesday. Hat Blocking on Wednesday, the 3-day workshop wil start on Thursday and end Saturday.  

San Francisco workshop
is canceled as of 4-2-2014. I will be at the San Francisco Red Hat Society Convention August 21-24, 2014. Members wishing to participate in the off stage hat making workshop must contact me in advance.

Los Angeles, California 
Monday August 25, 2014  
Sunday August 31, 2014
@ Best Western Royal Palace Inn and Suites
2528 S. Supelveda,
Los Angeles Ca 90064
Hours 10:00 AM -6:00 PM

4-hour morning and afternoon Refresher courses will be offered on Mondays as time permits. For more information contact me at 318 792-5757 or click the contact us link below. 

Today is July 23, 2014, anyone who has attended my previous workshops may attend any 8 or 24 hour workshop for half the registration fee during the week of August 25-31, 2014. This offer is only good for that week.

Those who attended the 2013, 8-hour embellishment workshops where we had visitors may attend one 8-hour day free of charge on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. You and everyone must register in advance and bring your own supplies.