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Hello and welcome to Kay's Art of Millinery. This blog is to thank you for the e-mails and calls in reference to my workshops, and recent opportunity to be the sponsored designer in Jet Magazine’s April 30, 2012 issue.

I also wish you to know the buckram hat frames pages on the site have been completed and you may place your orders. On the new buckram frame pages you will find the largest selection of hat frames on the internet utilizing almost one hundred wooden crown and brim blocks.

Many of the buckram frames are different from any others offered, which allows you to create hat designs no one else has because most of them are NOT sold or produced by other milliners. All the frames are individually hand blocked using white buckram. The two-piece crowns and brims combinations are not attached however, some will be for shipping purposes. 

Those buying hat frames need to know they are considered unfinished because they lack outer coverings, linings, and embellishments…... for those wishing to add them. Also. please keep checking the site for new hat frames, which will include hat frames from my newly acquired Fascinator hat blocks. 

Lastly, I will be bringing more than 200 hat frames to each weekend workshop for sale, and look forward to hearing from you again soon. For those registered for workshops I will see you soon, in the meantime…..happy hat making. If you wish to contact me make sure the e-mail address you leave is correct. 
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Special Group Workshops

by Kay Durden on 06/11/11

 Hello everyone, I am offering Hat Making Workshops for beginners to groups of ten or less.  This is a great opportunity if your group ever wanted to learn to make hats.  Each workshop is eight hours and if ten people attend, the fee for the group is $50.00 per person.  This offer is good during the weeks workshops are scheduled and the conditions are:  

1. The group registration fee is $500.00.

2. No more than 10 participants may participate at one event.

3. The group must provide a known facility and everyone attending must be registered.

4. Half the fee must be paid prior to the start of the workshop.

5. All participants must come prepared with supplies and be ready to work.


6. I reserve the right to refuse any participant and facility.  

7. The workshops may not be more than 50 miles from the zip codes where workshops are being conducted during that week.

8. The group must contact me for a supply list.  If this sounds like fun, please post your comments, and you may register your group on my website www.kaysartofmillinery.homestead.com I hope to meet you all personally.

9. If your group does not have access to supplies for covering or frame making s contact me and I will work with you.











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